About us

We, Elvis Josepha and Henry Kippers, have known each other for years and set the same high quality standards for our products. We also recognized each other in the great love for the craft and that we really go for the customer. 'We do not go for our own interests, but for the interests of your customer'. We have succeeded in our mission when our pieces of furniture become future classics.


About Lucca Interiors

Lucca Interiors is the collaboration between two experienced entrepreneurs in the interior design industry: Elvis Josepha and Henry Kippers. The interior brand gives space to different designers. This is how it continues to surprise: "Design with a twist". This is characterized by a balance between clean lines and round shapes, hard and soft natural materials. This creates modern furniture including armchairs, dining room chairs and sofas, with a soft appearance.


Quality and custom work

We stand for quality. That is why we opt for production in the Netherlands and work with small workshops in which products are made traditionally and with great care and attention. We work with high quality materials. By opting for production in the Netherlands, we are able to deliver tailor-made solutions because of the short lines of communication.